Security and Surveillance Applications -CCTV

Webinar by Monica Xiong

March 2020

Camera based surveillance and security applications benefit from adding infrared light. Camera sensors register this radiation which is hardly noticeable to the human eye, producing high-quality images even in the dark.

VCSEL, IRED and EEL infrared solutions at a glance

Webinar by Clemens Hoffmann, Dominic Bergmann and Matthias Hönig

September 16th, 2020 10am CET

For applications such a 3D sensing, Biometric Identification, Automotive Sensing or also LiDAR one commonly uses LEDs, edge emitting lasers or VCSELs in the near infrared spectrum (NIR). In this webinar we want to show the pros and cons of these different light sources and touch upon their use in the mentioned applications.