Infrared Oslon Black LED (SFH 4713A) expands portfolio for security applications

Infrared Oslon Black LED expands portfolio for security applications

High-efficiency infrared LED from Osram Opto Semiconductors for the mid-range power class

05.08.2015 | Trade Press

Osram is launching the Oslon Black SFH 4713A, an infrared LED (IRED) with a wavelength of 850 nanometers (nm). It is ideally suited to security applications, such as camera-surveillance of public spaces, company premises and entrances to banks and shopping centers. While previous Oslon Black high-flux IREDs were designed for systems with a range of up to one hundred meters, the SFH 4713A supports efficient designs for near-range illumination from 10 to 50 meters.

Infrared short- to mid-range lighting systems are the target application for the SFH 4713A from Osram Opto Semiconductors. To create its new infrared LED (IRED), Osram transferred the high-performance technology behind the Oslon Black, with its optical output of over 1 watt (W), to the mid-range power classes of about 760 mW, rounding off its portfolio. From now on the IRED is available with a beam angle of 90°.

The new IREDs are the result of advances in chip and package technology – developments which enabled Osram to engineer an Oslon Black with unprecedented electro-optical efficiency less than a year ago. The SFH 4713A now makes these advances available in the mid-range power classes as well. “With this new version of the Oslon Black, our customers can use the same designs they did before for high-end, long-range applications, engineer systems with mid- to short-ranges and cut costs at the same time”, explains Dr. Jörg Heerlein, Senior Manager Product Marketing at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

The high-efficiency IRED offers an optical output of 760 milliwatts at a current of 1 ampere. Two to five IREDs typically are adequate for achieving ranges between 10 and 50 meters. Due in part to the smaller chip size, the new IRED is a lower-cost alternative to the SFH 4715A for systems with mid-range output requirements. From autumn 2015, the SFH 4714A with a beam angle of 150° and an optical output of 720 milliwatts will complement the existing version. Both components close the gap between the extremely small Oslon Compact, with 270 mW at 0.5 A, and the high-output Oslon Black versions with an optical output of over 1,135 mW at 1.5 A. The result is a product portfolio of high-efficiency 850 nm IREDs that serves the entire spectrum of infrared lighting applications and output requirements.

Technical data for SFH 4713A:

Dimensions3.85 mm x 3.85 mm x 2.29 mm
Optical output at 1 A760 mW
Wavelength850 nm
Beam angle90°


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