Digital Lighting Systems


• Lamps with innovative LED "filament" technology • Design, dimensions, luminous flux comparable to an incandescent or halogen lamp • Very low energy consumption • No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam • Instant 100 % light, no warm-up time • Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary light bulbs


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Název výrobku
ZLDV_Nominal wattage [AGGR]
ZLDV_Nominal luminous flux [AGGR]
ZLDV_Color temperature [AGGR]
ZLDV_Overall length [AGGR]
ZLDV_Dimmable [AGGR]
Formulář údajů výrobku
P RF CLAS P 2.5 W/827 E14
2.50 W 250 lm 2700 K 77.0 mm No
P RF CLAS P 7 W/827 E27
7.00 W 806 lm 2700 K 77.0 mm No
P RF CLAS P 4 W/827 E14
4.00 W 470 lm 2700 K 77.0 mm No
P RF CLAS P 1.6 W/827 E14
1.40 W 136 lm 2700 K 78.0 mm No
P RF CLAS P 6 W/827 E14
6.00 W 806 lm 2700 K 110.0 mm No

Více o skupině výrobků

• Perfect for decorative installations • Domestic applications • General illumination • Outdoor use in outdoor luminaires only (minimum IP65)


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