The new generation of LED modules for backlighting


18.06.2018 | Products

Coming soon: New OSRAM backlighting modules for even more brilliant and uniform surfaces

With the new OSRAM BackLED G3 you can optimize your backlighting applications for medium and large areas and build shallower light boxes with a brilliant homogeneous light. The square lens technology supported by the new OSRAM BackLED modules generation 3 allows great uniformity and IP66/IP68 (on L and XL versions) protection ensures robust and durable installations.

Enjoy the new G3 range of OSRAM BackLED. New, optimized and improved design, materials, optics and efficiency will allow you to design professional, state-of-the-art installations.

All the modules will offer the OSRAM-patented Square Lens technology, 3SDCM color consistency and single bin LED selection.

BackLED L Plus G3 is simply perfect to minimize hotspots with its new totally redesigned body which is now able to withstand IP66/IP68 ingress protection. You can choose your best fitting color temperatures among 3000, 4000 or 6500K.

BackLED XL Plus G3 (IP66/IP68) will initially be available in 3000K and 6500K. It will offer increased efficiency and improved optics which will allow the installation of modules in shallower environment.

BackLED DS Plus G3 will be available in 6500K and will have IP66 protection with body-embedded Square Lens technology and efficiency increase for perfect, efficient and shallower double-faced signs like pylons or counters.

Contact your local OSRAM reference person for more information and surf our website for more details on products.

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