Light is your ideal warm white


11.09.2018 | Products

Flexible white OSRAM LED system for dynamic warm light color

Achieve perfect dynamic warm white light for occasions when a high CRI and different warm temperatures are needed and create comfortable atmospheres. The specifically selected range (2200-3500 K) gives a fine white, avoiding pinkish effects which might occur using conventional tunable white systems. Combined with our Bluetooth Dimmer (OT BLE DIM) this opens the horizon to brilliant but comfortable dynamic lighting solutions.

Change light levels, color temperatures and scenes with a simple and intuitive smart device App. Adjust the light according to the interior and achieve the desired mood with simple clicks. Individual circadian profiles can be created and stored in the cloud; the system is intuitive and thanks to the Bluetooth technology upgrading is easier than ever before.

For wall washing effects, an aluminum profile with a lens cover that shapes and directs the light generated by the LED tape can be chosen. For uniform lighting a profile with a diffuse cover is available.

Product information:

  • Up to 1500 lm/m constant flux
  • Single bin in both channels
  • High quality mixed white: 2200-3500 K
  • Easy installation due to pre-soldered wires
  • IP00 LINEARlight FLEX Tunable Warm White
  • Bluetooth dimmer (OT BLE DIM)
  • CASAMBI App for smart devices

Find more product information here:

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