Digital Lighting Systems

Intra-luminaire, bi-directional interface

OSRAM DEXAL is a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface which is based on the DALI standard. It provides power and enables bi-directional communications between the OSRAM OPTOTRONIC DEXAL LED driver and the fixture-integrated component.

OSRAM DEXAL technology allows manufactures to create smart, connected fixtures using one interface supported by multiple light management systems (LMS).

How DEXAL benefits agents

As part of a response to a specification which includes smart fixtures, an agent requests an OEM to build a fixture that works with a light management system.

  • DEXAL is a non-proprietary interface for bi-directional communication
  • Luminaires are set up for future smart building applications
  • DEXAL creates smart connected luminaires (smart nodes) compatible with various LMS systems

How DEXAL supports OEM

By utilizing an OSRAM OPTOTRONIC LED driver with DEXAL technology, manufacturers are able to build smart fixtures that support various light management systems.

  • DEXAL is a non-proprietary interface for bi-directional communication
  • Supported by multiple light management systems with “Works with OSRAM DEXAL" components
  • Analytics possibility using luminaire data
  • Significantly reduces the number of supported component configurations

How DEXAL benefits end users

DEXAL enables your fixture to become a smart node on a lighting control network

  • DEXAL extracts valuable, exact fixture-specific data for maintenance service, including:
    • Power and energy consumption
    • Temperature profile
    • Operating hours
    • Diagnostics and more

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