Aesthetic design that makes your heart beat faster

Aesthetic design that makes your heart beat faster


Light is the soul of architecture

LINEARlight Rigid NICHE – aesthetic design that makes your heart beat faster!

Create extraordinary lighting solutions that reach a new level of elegance and flexibility. LINEARlight Rigid NICHE provide an exceptional 24V modular system for miniaturized lighting applications in narrow spaces. The miniaturized slim light sources can be integrated perfectly into the architecture to achieve powerful but amazing aesthetic light fixtures. This rigid LED light source with a viewing angle of 120° fits around corners and under shelves with a seamless and homogenous soft light and disappears even in the smallest coves or niches: the ideal solution for retail outlets, supermarkets or the accentuation of showcases, corridors and stairwells.

Lighting designers and architects are the facilitators of how all of us experience and understand architecture. In their daily business, they create designs which integrate aesthetics, function and efficiency into wholistic building and urban concepts.

Discover here how top Italian lighting design studios and architects approach illumination, use lighting in their projects and what they think about LINEARlight Rigid NICHE.

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Thanks to modular building blocks of five different lengths – from 10 to 119 cm – and a wide range of light colors from warm to cold white, LINEARlight Rigid NICHE offer you a high level of flexibility. They allow you to design delicate, timeless lines of light of up three meters powered by a single electronic control gear. Moreover, they are also very easy to install on surfaces with magnets or screws and are compatible with a range of accessories.

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