Osram Opto Semiconductors Illuminates Qiangtang River in Hangzhou, China

A view of Qiantang River’s south bank
G20 Hangzhou Qiantang River South Bank
G20 Hangzhou Qiantang River South Bank
G20 Hangzhou Qiantang River South Bank
G20 Hangzhou Qiantang River South Bank

A large scale comprehensive city lighting engineering project was carried out in Hangzhou in preparation for the 2016 G20 summit. The project illuminated Qiantang River’s beautiful south bank with colourful lights to emphasize its new status as a cultural destination in Hangzhou.


Category: Street & Urban
Location: Shanghai, China
Technology/Services: LED components
Year: 2017

The south bank of the Qiantang River is a young and vibrant area of Hangzhou with great potential for further development. The bank itself is lined by mushroom-shaped pavilions and sculptures that depict iconic figures from local legend - the 48-metre high Dragon of Qiantang River, and King Qian Shooting the Tidal Wave. The lighting solutions illuminate and add color to the area’s landscaping and public art.

The 12 km stretch of the Qiantang River needed an integrated lighting solution to visually unify its varied landscaping and sculpture. After the transformation, the mushroom pavilions are lit with changing colors which complement each other and have a dynamic contemporary feel, while the public sculpture appears solemn and imposing under bright and stable lighting.

The lighting engineering adopted for the Qiantang south bank project from ROLEDS using core LED components products from Osram Opto Semiconductors: DURIS S 5 and OSLON SSL. The DURIS S 5 is compact, efficient, and extremely flexible in forward voltage and luminous flux. OSLON SSL products have a ceramic based package that effectively resists corrosion, and the OSLON SSL Colors product provides high-saturation lighting, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor ambient lighting as well as plant lighting applications. With its superior LED technology, Osram Opto Semiconductors provided colorful, stable, and brilliant lighting for Qiantang River’s south bank.

Additional information

For more information on the DURIS S 5 and OSLON SSL LED family of products, visit DURIS S 5, OSLON SSL colors and OSLON SSL white product page, and for more information on ROLEDS, visit http://www.roleds.com/.