Osram Opto Semiconductors Illuminates Jiangnan Avenue in Hangzhou, China

A bird-eye view of Jiangnan Avenue in Hangzhou
A bird-eye view of Jiangnan Avenue in Hangzhou
A bird-eye view of Jiangnan Avenue in Hangzhou

A large scale comprehensive city lighting engineering project was carried out in Hangzhou in preparation for the 2016 G20 summit. The Jiangnan Avenue is a trunk road extending from east to west in Binjiang District, Hangzhou. The lighting project has visually transformed the avenue and surrounding buildings, giving off warm light in the dark night.


Category: Street & Urban
Location: Shanghai, China
Technology/Services: LED components
Year: 2017

The Jiangnan Avenue, 10km in length, almost traverses the entirety of Binjiang District. As the district flourishes, the trunk road faces growing traffic pressures. This lighting project was launched to mark the G20 summit and create a brighter image for this avenue that would welcome all visitors. The new lights enhance the overall image of Binjiang District and also avoid harming the eyesight of pedestrians and drivers.

The Jiangnan Avenue project is designed to harmonize and improve the urban environment. The lights are soft and conducive to safety, green belts are brightened up by tree lamps, and glimmering lights outline office buildings along the road. When night falls, the lit-up avenue presents a warm and harmonious Binjiang.

LED wall washers and projector lights from ROLEDS and Osram Opto Semiconductors provide the core LED components —DURIS S 5 and OSLON SSL. The DURIS S 5 is small but efficient with highly flexible voltage and flux. OSLON SSL, also small in size, has ceramic based packaging for excellent corrosion resistance, ideal for long lifetime outdoors applications. Small and powerful LED enables luminaires with multiple emission angles, sizes and designs, perfectly meeting the needs of Jiangnan Avenue by creating a soft, warm and peaceful atmosphere.

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For more information on the DURIS S 5 and OSLON SSL LED family of products, visit the DURIS S 5, OSLON SSL color and OSLON SSL white product page, and for more information on ROLEDS, visit http://www.roleds.com/.