The right amount of light for middle distances

Infrared LEDs optimized for indoor surveillance

The infrared SFH 4711A is an economical solution for short-range CCTV systems

The SFH 4711A from Osram Opto Semiconductors is an economical solution for short-range closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems. This emitter offers the right optical output and emission characteristics for this application.


Category: Industrial Applications, Industry
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Technology/Services: Infrared emitters
Year: 2016

Many CCTV systems flood the area to be monitored with infrared light to improve picture quality. The area to be covered is the most important factor in selecting the right emitter. The crucial parameter here is the radiant intensity, in other words the amount of light that an infrared LED (IRED) emits per unit solid angle. With an optical output of 300 milliwatts from 0.5 amps and an emission angle of ±45° the SFH 4711A provides the ideal radiant intensity for a range of around ten meters. That meets the requirements for CCTV systems in museums, jewelers' shops and bank foyers, for example.

The SFH 4711A is based on a smaller chip in the established wavelength of 850 nanometers (nm). This product fills the gap between a Power Topled (e.g. SFH 4258S) and the high-power emitters (e.g. SFH 4715A) and enables system costs to be optimized at the development stage. It is the ideal choice for mid-range outputs per component.

Infrared Oslon Black products are perfect for illumination applications. These black compact components cannot be seen in the application. Their low thermal resistance simplifies thermal design, and they are extremely corrosion-resistant. The package and lens geometry of the SFH 4711A are the same as for the established Oslon Black emitters (e.g. SFH 4713A, SFH 4715A). This is of benefit for designers already working with these versions as they can continue to use their existing external optics and assembly processes for the SFH 4711A. Depending on the operating current the PCB layout can also be retained.