One of world’s smallest LED fixture shines with Osram LEDs

20 watt Pica Cube ideal for even brighter stage lighting

One of world’s smallest LED fixture shines with Osram LEDs

Osram Ostar Stage for optimized color mix at the component level.

Black Tank, a product development and engineering design company, has fabricated one of the world’s smallest 20 watt LED fixture using Osram Opto Semiconductors LEDs. Distributed exclusively by Rosco Laboratories, the Pica Cube was designed using the flexible light of Osram Ostar Stage MultiLEDs in conjunction with Black Tank’s patented thermal management system to create even brighter stage lighting.


Category: Entertainment
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Technology/Services: LED components
Year: 2015

The Pica Cube is an ultra-compact LED fixture that is only 2.5 inches squared with a completely self-contained design. It has all the necessary electronics for operation and control built directly into the housing, without the need for external controllers typically required for fixture operation. This enables the fixture to be used independently by plugging it into the wall and operating it via DMX512 or by its onboard control. Users can also use a distribution system capable of driving and controlling up to four Pica Cubes, enabling power and data to be transmitted down common CAT5 cables, allowing a clean and simple installation.

With benefits including an extremely small size vs. lumen output, efficiency and long product life span, the Pica Cube was designed to apply to several different illumination markets including entertainment, retail, architectural and museum. This product is especially suited for use in applications where a fixture with amazing quality of light combined with a low profile and high output is required.

“By integrating Osram’s LED lighting technology, we were able to design a unique LED fixture that produces bright, controllable light in a compact form factor,” said Robert Kodadek, President of Black Tank. “We worked closely with Osram to select the optimal LEDs for use in this fixture. High quality, tightly binned LEDs, along with the integration of our thermal management solution, creates an incredibly small and versatile solution.”

The Osram Ostar Stage family of LEDs are equipped with four high-current chips based on the latest thin-film and UX:3 chip technologies. They provide an extremely narrow beam and high luminance, making the LEDs the perfect choice for all kinds of moveable lighting arrangements. In addition, the LEDs have a flat glass cover with an anti-reflective coating, giving the LED a much flatter profile. It is only 1.23 mm high, one quarter of the usual height, allowing for more compact spotlight design.

“The special feature of this product is its tunable white light color,” said Andrew Lin, Product Marketing Manager at Osram Opto Semiconductors. “Colors can be mixed perfectly at the component level and also produced with appropriate control.”

“The technology used in the development of the Pica Cube offers great advantages for our customers looking for a unique combination of powerful output, high quality of light and a small footprint- with simple set up and convenient controls “ said Jack Burwick, Product Manager for LED Systems at Rosco Laboratories. “We’re pleased to add the Pica Cube into our catalogue of products serving the entertainment and architecture markets.”

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