EVIYOS – Best visibility. No glare.

EVIYOS - Best visibility. No glare.

EVIYOS is the first smart and controllable LED that combines a microstructured LED chip with an intelligent IC being capable of generating pixelated and individually controlled light in just one device.

It enhances the drivers’ visibility while simultaneously reducing glare for other road users. As soon as oncoming traffic is detected the appropriate pixels are automatically switched off.

Functionality that makes the difference

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors sets a new innovative standard in automotive lighting and offers another component in the spectrum of infinite possibilities of lighting.

Functionality that makes the difference - EVIYOS

Technical data

  • 1024 pixel in 4mm x 4mm
  • 115 μm x 115μm cell
  • 125 μm pitch
  • > 3000 lm light source, 3 lm per pixel @ 11mA
  • High contrast >> 300:1
  • Digital bending function
  • Full digital beam steering
  • SMT component


Efficiency of light and energy
EVIYOS enables an active distribution of light. Only light pixels which are needed are energized and switched, others are not active. This makes EVIYOS very efficient and ideal for energy-saving concepts or electric vehicles.

Scalable system provides large field of view
EVIYOS can be configured to cover different fields of view depending on the application area. For example only the central section can be filled with high resolution and the remaining field of view can be supplemented with discrete LEDs.

Compact design with high power
EVYIOS provides a fine-resolution ADB system to be implemented in a small space and delivers outstanding performance.

More safety in the future of automotive lighting.

Initial situation

Initial situation

Complex driving situation at night:
Traffic, passenger and obstacles need to be visible without glaring others

Low Beam

Low Beam

Reduced visibility with Low Beam:
Driving situation is illuminated only in front of vehicle

High Beam

High Beam

Glare with full High Beam:
Good visibility but glaring others.

LED matrix system

LED matrix system

Glare free LED matrix system:
Good visibility. Limited resolution.
Low beam and high beam light distribution are overlaid and areas are marked off that should not be glared. Driver and LEDs are separate and limit scale up of pixels.

Eviyos - smart headlights with fine resolution


Smart headlights with fine resolution:
1,024 pixels are automatically switched on or off at very fine resolution depending on the traffic situation – there is no need for the driver to switch between high beam and low beam.
EVYIOS offers a very smooth light pattern.