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OSRAM affiliate - the partner program by OSRAM Lighting Solutions

Your strong partner for light

By participating in the OSRAM affiliate partner program you will be able to benefit from the concentrated power of three leading brands, conveniently offered by a single partner – OSRAM Lighting Solutions.

OSRAM Lighting Solutions sets new standards regarding innovative, custom-designed and performance-driven professional lighting solutions for the complete spectrum of light including digital and smart lighting, creating added value for customers around the world. Our passion, knowledge and spirit about all aspects of light leads to breathtaking, innovative and state-of-the-art professional lighting projects for a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

To ensure that our customers get the most from our leading expertise, we are also breaking new ground in our service business. By offering innovative business models such as “light as a service”, we are able at any time to respond to any new customer requirements. With our three flagship brands – OSRAM, Siteco, Traxon Technologies – and our global expert network we provide intelligent, flexible and future-proof solutions and services exactly where you and your customers need them – on location.

What can you expect from OSRAM affiliate?

Lighting business easier than ever

Benefits for you

  • Additional business opportunities through using the OSRAM brand
  • Access to high quality products at the best price
  • Access to additional support and dedicated team
  • Access to additional information and training
  • Marketing support
  • Access to special information provided via a partner-platform
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How can you take part in OSRAM affiliate?

Four great ways for successful partnership

Let's work together

Ready for successful, growing business? Always staying one step ahead of the competition? Together with a truly strong and reliable partner? One of the national and global light players?
Then join our team and take part in the OSRAM affiliate program.

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